Meet Cassandra

Like you, start-up and small business expert and Fenyk_Headshot_2_web
author Cassandra Fenyk has seen the many entrepreneurs flounder and become frustrated and disillusioned with their businesses. Oftentimes, this leads to failure. Does it mean that their ideas were bad or they were not capable of starting and growing a business? They were blind to new opportunities?

Absolutely Not!

What they were lacking was the industry ‘presence’ that goes along with branding oneself as an EXPERT, telling a GOOD STORY, and understanding the most effective way of running your CRITICAL BUSINESS FUNCTIONS.

With over two decades of leadership development, business consulting, marketing, executive coaching and development, speaking, teaching, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, her focus is on the transformation of frustrated, floundering professional to sharp, successful industry expert. Cassandra appreciates, and shares with these professionals, that opportunities to grow your reputation, industry presence, and attraction of your ideal clients and customers is about more than you and your expertise.

You need to “Craft Your Expert Brand.” This process is about understanding how to develop and package your expertise, surround yourself with the right team, market to the right audience, and allow yourself to make money. This process includes tapping into what you are best at, packaging the product, telling the right story in the right way to sell it, and setting up your business to run itself.

Being an industry expert and influencer is not for everyone, but if you have the dream and the guts to ask for help, Cassandra can help you get there.

success is hard

Cassandra, sometimes referred to as the “Instigator” for her capability to stir up new thinking in a group, a “Logician” for her ability to inspire fresh and enlightening ideas, or a “Muse” for her coaching skill that brings out the “expert” in people, is becoming known for her realistic, street-savvy style; Cassandra’s blend of real-life anecdotes and her conversational techniques connect with an audience at an intimate, passionate, and personal level.

Cassandra is a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach, and a Money Breakthrough Method® Coach. She is the author of more than 30 expert business books and continues to work with the professionals who have much more potential than they realize.

So if you are ready to achieve “Expert Status” and “Take A Bite” out of your Business Niche, call Cassandra today. She will give you the tools you need to “Leave Your Mark.